Chinamasa’s Air Zimbabwe Board Appointment, A Legal Boob

A Harare lawyer, Obey Shava has exposed President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s blunder in appointing former Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa to the Air Zimbabwe board saying the parastatal currently under administration is legally a non-existent entity.

Posting on Twitter yesterday, Shava said Air Zimbabwe does not have a board with its powers having been suspended through the appointment of Francis Saruchera of Grant Thornton Zimbabwe as the administrator in October 2018.

“The appointment of Chinamasa as air zim board chair is a legal boob. Currently, there’s no board running the affairs of airzim, it’s powers having been suspended through the appointment of Saruchera as it’s administrator. U can’t chair a “non existent” entity,” said Shava.

Chinamasa was appointment to chair the ailing parastatal in what many felt was a a return of the ‘jobs for boys’ system popular in the Zanu PF administration with another former cabinet minister Michael Madanha appointed to chair the ZINARA board among others.

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