Chief Svosve Warns Zanu-PF Against Corruption, Factionalism

Chief Svosve has warned Zanu-PF senior figures against committing corrupt activities hiding behind the party name as this will have dire consequences in their political careers.

The traditional leader also took a swipe at party stalwarts who use their positions to pick fights with ordinary citizens saying the party, which forms the ruling government, should first deal with the challenges being faced by suffering people before being tangled in factional fights.

He made the remarks at the recently held TinMac Sports Tournament, in Wedza, a sporting gala which is a brainchild of Wedza South Constituency Member of Parliament, Tinoda Machakaire.

“We don’t want people who go around picking up fights and causing disorder within the ruling party. I urge all party supporters and its leadership to be on the lookout for such people who will cause divisions.

“The party also needs to come hard on those who are caught committing corrupt activities because if it starts within the ruling party, what lessons will other people draw from it. I strongly condemn all corrupt activities but at the same time, I’m here to preach peace, not within the Zanu-PF party alone, but in all communities,” he said.

Machakaire also added that Zanu-PF officials must move away from a culture of politicking and start serving the people.

“We are burdened by people who are more concerned about party positions while neglecting those they should be serving. They waste time in factional fights while people continue to wallow in poverty, that must stop, we are a party that listens to the people’s needs,” he noted.

The Zanu-PF party has been rocked by massive reports of corruption by its senior members, the most prominent one being Prisca Mupfumira, who has since been relieved of her duties by President Emmerson Mnangagwa after being arrested for allegedly dipping her hands within the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) and helping herself to a whopping US$95 million.

Mnangagwa’s recently appointed Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC), has been on a relentless spree to bring to book all those fingered in shoddy deals.

To date, a handful of officials have been called to appear before the commission and answer to allegations of corruption levelled against them.

The latest figure is Basil Nyabadza, who was arrested last week on allegations of stealing electricity at one of his business premises after he connected illegal wires that bypassed Zesa metres

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