Chase Purpose Not Money


When the word love comes in the picture, it means there is excessive passion or affection. With love people lose sanity. With love, reasoning diminishes quickly like Mulberries found on the road to a primary school in the ghetto. Loving money is dangerous!


Let it be crystal clear that by no means do I intend to undermine the importance of money. We all want money and we all need money to survive. Only birds of the air can pick free meals Sunday to Saturday. Humans need to buy breakfast, lunch and supper; neither do they stay in nests. To reasonably produce food from the soil, the farmer even needs fertilizer, treated seed and a plough. Money always forces itself into any formula that features people.

So why mustn’t you love money?

It’s very possible to live happily and freely accumulating riches, but not necessarily with a money-chaser mind-set. This you can do by simply chasing a purpose. Chasing a purpose means you are living your dream and offering a solution to the world. The money you get is simply a reward for a unique or vital good or service you offer. How sweet would it be to be paid for doing something you love and something that makes the world a better place? Just as Strive Masiiwa is a guru in Telecoms business and Lionel Messi is the symbol of modern football, you definitely are equally good at something! That something must then pay you. Do not doubt, it’s there. You are a Bill Gates at something. Each and every one of us is unique and it’s our sole purpose to find our purpose every day. My friend, there is something you are outstanding at. If you are not in that space, its either you quit too early or you haven’t tried enough. God is not stingy with talent, he is not man. Never say you can’t because each time you do that, you are pleasing the devil. Wake up, beat your chest and shout I can!

In the spirit of ‘I can’ find your purpose my dear. Remember they say if a fish were to be judged by how it climbs trees, it will convince itself that it is a stupid animal. Is a fish stupid? No! Put it in water and see. My friend, find your water now. Spend every day trying to find your area of prowess so you can swim and shine just as you were meant to. Do not fear. Ships are safe at the shore, but are they meant for the shore? Get out of your comfort zone and start achieving. The sweetest money is that money which comes via your talent. Getting cash through you gift is not a walk in the park, but trust me its more refreshing and fulfilling than anything else. Ever imagine how Kevin Hart feels squandering his money after filling Madison Square garden? That’s feeling you will have.

Do you think Bill Gates was chasing money when he grew up? Does he even look the type? No he wasn’t. His passion was coming up with IT solutions that make life easy for humans. He has successfully done that and look how much money he has made. The guy is worth $114.16 per second….. per second! I bet you his joy is the impact of Microsoft in human life than the billions tagged against him. After finding your purpose and working hard, you don’t chase money, money chases you. Remember they pay Floyd Mayweather so that he comes to their Night Clubs. They pay him to drink their beverages. In 2014 Floyd was given 20million to appear on WWE……just appearing. He portrays the ‘spender’ image, but frankly the guy is a boxer! A talented sportsman in his own right. He has worked hard in and out of the ring for years to enhance his God given talent. Living his purpose of entertaining the word through sport, he is a millionaire. Don’t envy his money, envy his strategy.

There are well known figures who propagate the ‘chase-money’ gospel. Do a thorough check, most of these people suffer from serious moral deficiency. They are criminals and opportunists. No matter how much they try to legitimize their operations, they are thieves. They hide behind the business man\woman tag, but hapana zviripo, matsotsi. No amount of makeup can ever make a frog handsome. Stealing is wrong. Thieves hurt others. Going to bed knowing that there is a widow you duped in a fake housing scheme is no joke. Deny it or not you will have sold your soul to the devil. The Devil came to steal, kill and destroy. When you create dubious MMM schemes and sell people fake ideas, you are being useful in the devils camp.

It is so easy for that man who loves money to get a goblin (chikwambo or Thokoloshi). In no time his bank account swells with cash. He mocks you for being poor because deep inside he feels emptiness. He is desperate for genuine joy, but he can’t find it thus the hullabaloo. Bedding the devil is not easy. Remember the acquired goblins feed on people’s blood. They cause untold suffering within families. All because someone failed to chase a purpose, but instead chose to chase money blindly. The money chaser indulges in dangerous ‘sexcapades’ to get the dollar. They might ignore the severity of their actions, but in time guilt and disease eats them away. Say no to greed! Live for a purpose.

Besides hurting others, a money chaser is very vulnerable. They are likely to lose more than they will gain in many instances. They will gamble and take stupid risks. I know a close friend who lost money in the MMM scheme. Luckily it was only usD50. Now think of that lady from Warren Park who had put in usD1000 hoping it would be usD1350 in 30 days. Hope the thousand was hers and not borrowed. Think of the millions of dollars that Zimbabweans are collectively giving away to Soccer betting houses every day hoping to one day win a fortune. There is no purpose in gambling my friend. No wonder tones of books have been penned against it.

In as much as I have great respect for God’s servants. The fake Prophet will never tell you to work in your area of expertise and make sound financial decisions. He will tell you three things , money, money and money. Reason why you fall prey and hand over your hard earned genuine cash to him is because you Love money! You don’t want to think hard, strategize and conquer a market systematically. You are just obsessed with money; you want it to multiply super naturally. Miracles are there, so is God, but remember our Lord cannot be arm-twisted. He does not promote laziness, stupidity and greed. Giving the ‘Man of God’ one of your houses does not guarantee a Hotel complex within a year dear. By loving money simple mathematics evades your brains and you enrich so many people who sell you fake ideas. Before you know it, you are poorer.

Life can be tough, the money we have seems inadequate, but wouldn’t this world be a better place if we all got that extra dollar only through offering solutions? It’s possible; make clean money through offering sound deals to the world. Make money within your calling. If you love designing clothes, get up and start doing that even on weekends. That extra dollar you make is sweeter beyond measure, try it. Microsoft was started in a garage, because of a purpose, will and dedication it’s now a billion dollar empire. Remember you don’t start because you are big; you become big because you started.

Loving money not only causes you to hurt others, but you also lose that which you have. Even one of the oldest books conforms this, ”The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil – 1 Timothy 6:10 ”

Let money only come to you via a purpose and enjoy a clean, fresh, free and happy life.

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