Charamba Says Mzembi Seeking Asylum In Eswatini

Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, George Charamba has claimed that self-exiled former cabinet ministers Walter Mzembi and Godfrey Gandawa have sought assylum in Eswatini.

Responding a Twitter question whether Mzembi was still bedridden as claimed by his lawyer Job Sikhala, Charamba who uses the name @Jamwanda2 said the former tourism minister who now leads a new political outfit and Gandawa had asked for asylum in Eswatini previously known as Swaziland.

“No, he, alongside Gandawa, has just asked for political asylum in Eswatini!!!! More to follow!!!” said Charamba.

Mzembi and other former G40 leaders including Savior Kasukuwere, Patrick Zhuwao are in self imposed exile in South Africa while Jonathan Moyo is holed in Kenya.

They were forced out of the country following a military coup that displaced the late former President Robert Mugabe from power.

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