Chamisa Turns To God For Post Election Healing

MDC leader and cleric, Nelson Chamisa has introduced a Chaplain department in his newly appointed National Executive Council (NEC) in order to deal with election disappointments within the party and find a way forward.

Chamisa lost the July 2018 elections to eventual winner President Emmerson Mnangagwa albeit through a ConCourt ruling but refused to accept the defeat, let alone recognising Mnangagwa since then, a move which has raised legitimacy questions about the president’s reign.

Addressing the media yesterday, the opposition leader said in order to move forward from the election upsets, a Chaplain’s department has been added and will look at in-house counselling sessions for those that lost or affected by violence

“We have introduced the Chaplin, basically our spiritual superintendent who deals with our issues, especially counselling. After elections, people get disappointed and they need counselling.

“In-house, they must be prayed for so that they are able to heal. If there is violence in the country, there has to be healing and also pray for those who are sick,” Chamisa said.

Turning to the situation in the country, Chamisa said there is instability necessitated by poor governance and deplorable human rights abuses.

“When it comes to peace and security in the country, the situation is sliding into dire circumstances. There is a dark cloud hanging over the country in terms of the tensions, the stalemate and the political discussions that are supposed to be done,” he said.

“We have pledged that we need peace, we need a change in Zimbabwe and that can only be done by our ability to work together through managing political dialogue to resolve the issues,” he added.

He said Mnangagwa has failed to find a solution to the country’s economic woes and threatened to go to the streets to demonstrate against misrule at the hands of the Zanu-PF led government.

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