Students Body ZINASU Give ED, Chamisa Ultimatum For Genuine Dialogue

Students movement, Zimbabwe national Students Union (ZINASU) has called on the country’s two heavy weight political actors, President Emmerson Mnangagwa and opposition party, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) to swallow their pride and have a genuine dialogue that will save the country from further collapse.

Addressing the media in the capital on Thursday, ZINASU president Tafadzwa Ngadziore challenged the two to act swiftly and save the country from the current situation that it finds itself in.

“Its high time w stop taking sides or siding with ant political party but we should push for what is good for everyone in this country,” he said before adding that the two major political actors should urgently meet for a genuine dialogue.

“If we continue to be quiet, as a body that represents students, we would not have done any good or justice to the intellect that the students are among the biggest victims of this economic quagmire,” he said.

Ngadziore could not mince his words but made it clear that, as students, they were giving the two enough time to act or else they will be forced to take the matter into their own hands if the two continue to be stubborn about a proper and genuine dialogue.

“If these two do not want to engage each other for a genuine dialogue, as students, we will then make sure they do it for the sake of the students and the future generations because the cost of living for students has just become unbearable,” Ngadziore fired warning shots.

The students were also breathing fire over fees hikes which they said many schools effected without permission from relevant authorities and have just gone beyond the reach of an ordinary citizen, especially parents with children going to form One.

“We are aware and have noted with anger plans to hike fees to more than  RTGS 9000 per semester. We need to make things clear here and now. Any plans to make unjustified and unjustifiable, unreasonable and cruel fees hikes shall be met with stiffest resistance and brute force that the students’ anger is find and shall be find,” he angrily said.

The current ZINASU leadership was elected last week when the union held its 11th congress under the theme “Actualizing the Constitution, safeguarding and securing the right to education”.

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