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SRC Clears Warriors CHAN Participation

The Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) has approved the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA)’s application to proceed with participation at this year’s African Nations Championship (CHAN) tournament. The tournament which is reserved…

Side Netting — Match Day 16–17

Happy New Year to the 6 people that actually read this little blog🤭 . I appreciate the support though, and hopefully your 2021 is a little better than the shit show that was 2020. UTD serious title contenders? Arsenal win 3 in a row; Fat…

Side Netting — MatchDay 15

I was accused of lazy writing last week. Apparently I shitted on a few teams and some people were mad. I am sorry no one cares about your team (ehem ehem City fans). Let me live, I am just a guy!!!🤷‍♂️ UTD should’ve won, Chelsea…
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