Cassava Smartech Launches Digital Health App

Cassava Smartech, a subsidiary of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has today launched Maisha Medik, an application that is expected to deliver comprehensive access to health among Zimbabweans, 263Chat has learnt.

Addressing the Zimbabwean Medical Association(ZIMA) Annual Symposium in the capital today, Chief Commercial Officer of Cassava Smartech, Givemore Jojo said Maisha Medik will help the country have a stronger health system by improving access to health services to everyone who has a smartphone, that is 85% of the country.

“Cassava is bringing you comprehensive access to health a click away. Everyone who has a smartphone can download this app from google for free and the app has zero maintenance cost,” said Jojo.

Maisha Medik is a digital health application focusing on medical services. it can be accessed by doctors, patients, pharmacists and everyone who is involved in the health sector, providing a unique interface for everyone depending on what you do.

One of the Heads of Maisha Health at Cassava Smartech, Dr Ralph Nyakabau, explained how the application works and emphasizing that data will be secured to avoid people’s health records getting in the wrong hands.

“Data securing is one of the key things we took into considerations hence everyone needs a unique password and a pin number to log into the system,” said Dr Nyakabau.

“Technology has made things easier to the extend that you can now teleconference your doctor if you miss a physiocal appointment. Maisha Medik is giving you all that,” added Dr Nyakabau.

Chief Director in the Ministry of Health and Child Care, Robert Mudyiradima who was standing in for Minister Obadiah Moyo hailed Maisha Medik as a huge step towards strengthening primary health care for Zimbabweans.

“This is a major response to SDG goal three which emphasizes on the providing good health and well being in order to achieve Universal Health Coverage,” said Mudyiradima.


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