Call for Flashback Identity to be used in schools

Primary school headmasters have called upon the authorities to have a look at Luckson Chikutu’s book Flashback Identity with the view of using the book in schools to teach children about the Shona traditional culture.

The call was made by several headmasters at the just ended National Primary Heads Conference held in Murewa over the weekend.

“The book was written in a simple way and pupils can easily grasp the concepts, it is in sync with the country’s new curriculum,” said Partson Marumazvitsva, headmaster of Zvarai Primary School in Hurungwe.

Another headmaster Gibson Muwoka, of Ruzani Primary School in Wedza said the author correctly described Zimbabwe’s traditional dances with so much ease and pupils can easily relate.

“After just perusing the book, I liked how the author described the country’s traditional dances. We are still practicing the dances, so pupils can easily relate,” he said.

Headmasters who took turns to peruse the only two books which were available during the conference implored the government to order the books from the author and at least avail a copy to the more than 3000 primary schools in the country for learning purpose.

A representative from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education got a copy of the book and promised to present it to the minister.

Popularly known as Manlukerz in the entertainment industry, Chikutu says the book is a bridge between cultural and generational gap.

“After a long period of persistent writing and endless patience, finally came the result, a book titled Flashback Identity.

“The writing of the book has been a long journey with positive insights I received and a high ambition to write about my family’s history, the cultural heritage I learnt when I was growing up. The book also captures how music and dance are used to influence humanity in Zimbabwe,” said Manlukerz.

Manlukerz’s hope is that the book be used in schools to teach pupils about the rich cultural heritage of Zimbabwe.

“I really want the book to be used in schools. This is my small contribution to Zimbabwe,” he said.

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