Buyanga Child Custody Wrangle Set For Out of Court Settlement


Johannesburg based Zimbabwean business tycoon Frank Buyanga appears to have warmed up to a potential out of court settlement with ex-girlfriend Chantelle Muteswa for the custody of their child.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Buyanga, however cryptically said he feared for Muteswa’s safety if she agreed to an amicable solution.

The 40-year-old businessman has previously on several occasions accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his family of fighting him through Muteswa which however both parties deny.

The statement further stated that it has recently became apparent that Muteswa might struggle to have a normal mother-to-son relationship with her son not because of any action by Buyanga, but by the action of those backing her in her numerous court cases against her ex-hubby.

The parties do not wish her to come to an amicable arrangement with Buyanga where both parents can agree what best for their son.

“We believe that these parties have assisted Ms. Muteswa thus far to further their own agenda and now reuse to allow Ms. Muteswa to come to an amicable arrangement with our client, as numerous, lengthy court battles keep Mr. Sadiqi occupied and doing so, greatly benefits them,” read part of the statement.

Buyanga also wish that no negative consequence comes to the mother of his child and if possible, would love for his son to benefit from having a relationship with Ms. Muteswa.

In a new proposed consent paper leaked to this publication, new terms and conditions of the consent were outlined and these include housekeeping issues, substantive position which spelt that the mother remains the sole custodian and guardian of the child, residence, registration of the order, perpetual; silence, communication, maintenance and enforcement.

On enforcement, the Sheriff of the High Court of Zimbabwe, the Sheriff of the High Court of South Africa, the Zimbabwe Republic Police and the South African Police  Service shall be empowered and directed to enforce this order at anytime upon its presentation.

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