Harare Woman Face Attempted Murder Charges For Scalding Maid Over ‘Minor’ Argument

A 54 year old Harare woman appeared in court facing attempted murder after she poured boiling water on her maid’s face and chest following a ‘minor’ argument over a stove.

The accused, Lucia Kuda Rugonye, who is stroke stricken on her left side, poured boiling water on her maid Muchanyara Charaongwa (17).

Circumstances are that on 10 August 2019, the two were in the kitchen in Mt Pleasant, Harare at the homestead of the accused person when a fight ensued over a stove.

It is said that the accused person asked the complainant about the stove which had been changed position in the kitchen to which the complainant expressed ignorance.

This did not go down well with the accused person who then stood up and pushed the complainant down, splashed boiling water on her face and chest.

The compliant then rushed outside screaming. She was taken to hospital by some two unknown adults for medical attention.

The state alleges that Rugonye intended to kill Charaongwa as she was fully aware of the risk or possibility that her conduct may cause death of the complainant hence the attempted murder charges.

When Rugonye asked to plead to her charges she could not utter a single word, leaving Magistrate Learnmore Mapiye to stood down the matter.

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