BOMBSHELL: Mujuru Warms Up To Deputizing ED, Jonathan Moyo Claims

Self exiled former cabinet minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has dropped a bombshell claiming that People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC) leader Joice Mujuru has accepted to deputize President Emmerson Mnangagwa taking over from the ailing Constantino Chiwenga who has been admitted at a Chinese hospital for over five months.

Mujuru who fired from the ruling Zanu PF after being accused of plotting to overthrow the late former President Robert Mugabe.

Posting on Twitter, Moyo said Mnangagwa had offered Mujuru the vice President post currently held by Chiwenga.

“After having led and coordinated Joice Mujuru’s ouster from 2008 until he succeeded her as Vice President in Dec 2014, Emmerson Mnangagwa has put the cat among the pigeons by offering Mujuru the VP post currently held by Chiwenga. She’s happy to accept!,” tweeted Moyo.

Chiwenga has been away from duty for the bigger part of this year and recent reports have hinted that he is set to return home before December.

If Moyo’s claims are anything to go by, it could spell doom for the military clique in the ruling Zanu PF who are believed to be fighting for survival in the absence of Chiwenga.

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