Bakhresa Group Invests $2 Million in Blue Ribbon Milling Plant

A Tanzanian company, Bakhresa Group has partnered Blue Ribbon Foods to invest US$2 million in a state of the art milling plant that is expected to improve Zimbabwe’s wheat and maize value chains.

Speaking after the tour of Blue Ribbon Foods plant in Harare on Tuesday, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Development, Dr Mike Bimha urged the food processing giant to enter into contract farming in-order to guarantee the source of their raw materials.

“The milling industry provides a ready market for our farmers in line with our thrust on value addition and beneficiation as enunciated in the ZIMASSET agenda.

“Blue Ribbon Foods is therefore urged to enter into contract farming of wheat so as to guarantee the source of the raw materials.

“You will agree with me that this augurs well with the Government’s new thrust of promoting value addition of locally available resources,” said Bimha.

He applauded the Bakhresa Group for bringing competition into the milling industry as well as creating the much needed employment in the country.

“My Ministry is intrigued by the level of commitment that has been shown by the Bakhresa Holdings in investing in this country.

“l am informed that since 2015, our friends from Tanzania have injected an outstanding amount of $US21.5 million in Blue Ribbon Foods Limited.

“This has resulted in 300 people being directly employed by the company and thousands of upstream and downstream industries such as bakery, transport and agriculture sector.

“This commendable effort is a clear testimony that you mean business and you are here for business.

“Your Chibataura brand has maintained dominance on the market and has given choice to your valued customers and l applaud you for bringing competition to the milling industry.

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