‘Baba Jukwa’ Acquitted

Journalist and former State paper editor, Edmund Kudzayi has been acquitted of charges of contravening section 32 of the Criminal Law and Codification and Reform Act which is unlawful possession or wearing of camouflage uniforms by a Harare Magistrate.

Prominent Zimbabwe Human Rights Lawyer, ZHRL, Obey Shava successfully proved his case beyond any reasonable doubt that the charges which the state laid on Kudzayi did not constitute a crime.

The charges against Kudzayi rose after he was found in possession of a camouflage umbrella and he was acquitted by Harare magistrate Victoria Mashamba.

Kudzayi was arrested on February 22 at a police check-point along Domboshava Road in Harare after he was allegedly found in possession of a camouflage umbrella with a pouch in his vehicle.

When trial commenced, Shava filed an application for exception to the charges, wherein Kudzayi denied committing the offence as alleged by the prosecution.

His arrest in February came after the Zimbabwe National Army announced that it was conducting a snap search in residential areas for military regalia, which it alleged was stolen during the 14 January mass protests.

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