Artist Pens Protest Song Against ED


Genre strolling musician, Yoz born Kennedy Simbanegavi has defied the odds after penning a protest song highlighting President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s failure to steer the economy resulting in shortage of basic commodities.

The song titled “Letter To ED” speaks about the challenges citizens encounter everyday including youth unemployment which is believed to be around 90 percent.

In his song, the 29 year old musician expressed fading hope of better days for the ordinary man, rekindled following the ouster of ex-president Robert Mugabe through a military coup in November last year.

“Pamakabvisa BaBona takati mozvigona asi nanhasi zvakangooma tichiri kungoswera pacorner (When you removed Bona’s father we thought you would bring a turnaround but up to date we are still spending our days on street corners),” read the lyrics.

He further took a dig on Mnangagwa’s popular mantra, Pasi nemhanduuuu (down with the enemy), which he bemoaned has turned into bitterness (chigumbuuuu) that he has been left with now.

During the former President, Robert Mugabe’s reign, musicians who dared speak out against government inadequacies including Thomas Mapfumo and Leonard Zhakata were either censored or faced harassment.

Zhakata’s music career almost collapsed following the release of Mubikira which was deemed anti-government while Mapfumo sought asylum in the United States of America.


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