Article 1 Season 2 : Zimbabweans Want Change But They Haven’t Changed

With the new year in motion, some are expecting to change a lot of things about this country brand and the majority are waiting for change. The imbalance of active agents of change and active agents of waiting for change surely has stark contrast that is not favorable.

Most successful country brands are doing well because of citizen active involvement, citizens believe that they are part of the system and government believes that it needs citizens to create better workable systems.

Change itself is a modifier into the new state of scenario , as it is a fundamental that is often preached but not applied. This has to do with will to plan for change, execute the plan of change and embrace the results of change. Years have lapsed and everybody is expecting change, looking up to the government and political sect. But this has not been a game changer since expectation without participation in the desired need of change has not been applied action for many Zimbabweans.

My message to my fellow Zimbabweans is clear, change is not a word or an expectation, you can not expect  it without being part of it in affirmative active mode. The new year means nothing, it is just a new timeline, not a new season of change because nature only rotates and shifts seasons not fortune. You only can bring new fortune to your self, if you act new, think new and embrace new things into your life .

For those that are waiting for the political sect to change their fortune  posting on social media complaining that things must change, and yet you haven’t changed or are not contributing to change, you are the real enemy of progress. You want quality of life to change, but have you changed your quality of mind and deeds??  Most people say corruption has killed our Brand , yes it has but aren’t we all corrupt but doing it at our own levels of capacity?

This country brand must see things differently and begin to labor towards change, because real power lies in the masses and not a few individuals that represent us as our leaders in servant hood. Let us all become part of the system of government and economy ,each and every one of us playing our fair share and so change will manifest due to collect efforts. If you fold your hands and say its the President’s job or its MDC or Zanu PF’s Job, then you have it all wrong, because it is your Job too. It is you that still needs running water, safer roads, affordable consumer products, jobs and innovation, and you expect less than 250 people who serve in parliament and government to do all that for 17,5 million??

Help the President, Help the Minister, Help your Mp, Help your local businesses, help your neighbor,  doesn’t matter if you agree politically or not but change is a National Agenda. Branding Zimbabwe is a National Agenda and this can not be a trivial matter but a priority that we all must work towards daily.

The story that you keep telling your self is the one that keeps holding you back from becoming successful. You complain about the economy, the politics and the environment, playing the blame game. I say to you, see things as they are and not worse as they are, and then see them better than they are , then make them that way…

Tare Munzara is a Country Branding Expert and The Chief Executive of Destination Marketing International & City Branding Org. He write this Column ‘’Nation Brand With Tare Munzara‘’ every Thursday. To Contact him email on [email protected] / [email protected]. phone / whatsapp 00263 774 817 440.

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