Are you getting the best out of mobile Apps?

There are 2.6 million Apps for Android smartphones, and 2.2m for iPhone users. And globally more than 6 000 new Apps are registered daily.

By Strive Masiyiwa

I am very selective about the Apps I use but I generally use about 30 Apps, including this one, called Facebook – which is just one out of 2,6m  available to me.

Looking at my Apps, I use Apps that help me with wellbeing, news, business, entrepreneurship and entertainment (smallest number).

One of my favorite Apps is called Oura; I have a ring which collects data from my body and turns it into little graphs that tell me things like body temperate whilst I was sleeping. It’s amazing and helps me manage my health.

Many of my favorite Apps are actually on Sasai Explore (an all-in-one App).

I consider my choice to be quite personal, so I won’t tell you all of them.

My mother is diabetic, so she wears a special device called Frestyle Libre that monitors her blood sugar, and I can access it from anywhere in the world, to get her readings.

Apps are the key to unlocking the potential of a Smartphone. And they are getting more and more powerful by the day.

When AI comes, there will be amazing Apps that you cannot even imagine today, whilst some existing ones will be upgraded beyond imagination!

Every week, I love to browse the App Stores to see what has come up in my interest areas.

Five big questions for you:

(1) How many Apps do you use every day?

(2) How many of them actually help you make money or improve your earning capacity?

And here is my biggie:

(3) Have you contributed anything to the 2,6m Apps yet?

(4) Do you use any Apps developed by Africans?
Please list them.
PS: Sasai is an App published by Africans in 25 African languages!

(5) Do you know any Apps that have been registered from your own country?

While Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Netflix, etc, are downloaded in their billions; these are still just Apps from among 2,6m plus.

Don’t let your life be a single App that was downloaded for you by someone else, because you did not know how to.

It’s simple.

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