Are We Headed For A Dull Festive Season?

From Leonard Zhakata’s “Mugove,” in the 90s to Winky D’s “Disappear,” musicians who released their albums in the last quarter of the year have always eyed the festive season, a time when people are in celebratory mode.

With the festive season now a few weeks if not days away, the yet to be answered question is whose track will create memories this Christmas and new year holiday?

Many would have put their money on Jah Prayzah’s highly publicized Chitubu but the spark and shine is missing from the 13 track album released a fortnight ago.

Last year’s memories of Akiliz from Ammara Brown would have made music lovers to hope for her new offing Svoto but just like Chitubu, the vibe that makes a good festive season is glaringly missing.

Will music lovers continue with Winky D, Killer T and Alick Macheso albums released in the first of 2018?

The Stonyeni hitmaker, Jah Signal who was fast earning the “man of the moment” tag, this time found the going tough with his new album ‘Jaya’ appears dying a natural death soon after its release.

Some had cited Jah Prayzah’s aggressive marketing pre and post his ninth album launch, Chitubu, as the suppressor of Signal’s Jaya. But, despite all the marketing, pre-launch hype,  it has also failed to stamp its authority. Though the lanky crooner appealed for patience, there is less chance the situation will turn for the better.

Another duo, Seh Calaz and Jah Love also launched their albums Ndakatumwa and Naka Dhula Dhaka respectively, re-igniting their longstanding beef. The rivalry was something they both hoped to ride on but again their new projects failed to permeate the market. The projects were forgotten on the day they were released.

Who else, Shinsoman’s Maziva Ndadzoka, you be the judges.

The only shining light could be Enzo Ishall of the Kanjiva fame. Fairly new but his songs Kanjiva and Smart Rinotangi Kutsoka appear to be doing well and at least could save this festive season from becoming just another holiday.

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