Police Recover 251 Old Helmets Hidden Under Basement

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) says it is investigating a case in which 251 police and city police helmets which were found in the basement of a Harare building on Sunday.

According to the information on the ZRP twitter handle, the consignment consists of 210 ZRP and 41 Harare Municipal helmets.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police is investigating circumstances in which 210 old helmets resembling those used by the Police and 41 others used by Harare Municipal Police were found hidden in a basement office at Robinson House, Harare,” the statement said.

The police further warned members of the public against attacking police officers whether on or off duty saying perpetrators would face the full wrath of the law.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police condemns acts of hooliganism in the Harare Central Business District where some criminal elements are declaring certain roads and parking zones, a no go area for Police and members of the public.

“Anyone who attacks Police Officers who are either on duty or off duty will certainly face the full wrath of the law,’ the police further stated.

In the past, the state has alleged that there is a”third force” that perpetrates violence to tarnish the image of the government.

In January during the deadly demonstrations which killed more than a dozen people, the police and army said they had lost their uniforms to thieves and some of them might have been used to commit violent crimes.

In August during the opposition MDC demonstration, the state further said there were individuals who were hell-bent on causing despondency as they might be committing crimes using the state’s name.

This was after a series of alleged abductions of civil society organisations leaders and opposition members by unknown gun-carrying men.


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