Doctors To Appeal Labour Court Ruling

Following a Labour Court judgement ordering doctors to get back to work within 48 hours, the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) has announced their plans to appeal against the verdict arguing that they are still incapacitated to comply.

In a statement released yesterday, Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) said they continue to be incapacitated to be able to comply with the High Court order.

“The ZHDA will continue to negotiate for a viable solution to end this unfortunate impasse and has noted with great dismay the verdict of the Labour Court calling for doctors to return to work on Monday 14th October 2019.

“While the doctors would want nothing more than to return to work in service of their patients, they continue to be incapacitated and lack the resources to allow them to comply with the Labour Court judgement. An appeal will be lodged with the Supreme Court,” said ZHDA.

The statement further stated that the doctors would continue to advocate for quality health  services as long as their employers gives them an ear and adequately stocked hospitals.

“ZHDA continues to advocate for quality health services which include adequately stocked hospitals and fairly remunerated staff. We remain hopeful that a sincere and lasting solution will be found,” read the statement.

Today marks the 43rd day since doctors nationwide declared incapacitation, plunging the entire health system into turmoil.