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ANALYSIS: Investment Opportunities in Zimbabwe post COVID-19 

By Victor Bhoroma| Despite the current economic headwinds and COVID-19 induced business downturn, Zimbabwe has one of the best untapped investment opportunities in the whole of Africa. As they say, the best strategy to ride an elephant is to mount whilst it is lying down and rise with it. Investing in Zimbabwe requires a long […]

Legal Opinion on Vacancies among Party – List Members of Parliament

The ERC proffers this legal opinion which identifies legal risks and issues that electoral stakeholders should address as part of the ongoing recalls of members of the National Assembly and the Senate. From the perspective of an electoral stakeholder, this legal opinion, or more specifically the engagement around the content of the legal opinion, is […]

Halt Coal Related Investments, Focus On Renewable Energy: Local NGO

The Centre for Natural Resource Governance urges government to focus on renewable energy and halt coal related investments, as reliance on fossil fuels creates negative social and environmental impacts in the long run. In a damning report ‘Coal Investments in Zimbabwe: A misplaced priority’ CNRG said decisions to finance coal investments are not only undemocratic […]

OPINION: Open Letter To President E.D. Mnangagwa

Dear President E.D. Mnangagwa, Alarmed by the unprecedented challenges to democracy, human rights and governance created by the pandemic, the Election Resource Centre (ERC) nurtured the idea for this open letter. The aim is to stimulate a national dialogue around key principles safeguarding elections and democracy on the 2-year anniversary of the 2018 Harmonised Elections. […]

OPINION: ‘They Are Breaking into My House: Alert the World’

Yesterday, I was shocked but not surprised when I watched online as award-winning journalist, Hopewell Rugoho-Chin’ono, was “abducted” by police and security agents.  True to his journalistic nature, Hopewell was livestreaming the events at his house shortly before he was taken away. By Dr. Leon Hartwell Hopewell desperately tweeted: “Police and State agents are harassing […]

OPINION: Global Wake-Up Call

by António Guterres From COVID-19 to climate disruption, from racial injustice to rising inequalities, we are a world in turmoil. At the same time, we are an international community with an enduring vision – embodied in the United Nations Charter, which marks its 75th anniversary this year. That vision of a better future —  based […]

State of the Culture With Addy Kudita

The African Creative Economy in a time of Covid 19 By Addy Kudita Despite the economic and social carnage precipitated by Covid-19 lockdown regulations, some African motion picture creatives must be gleefully twiddling their thumbs even as the rest of their counterparts throughout the world rue the effects of the pandemic. Why is that? Because […]

State Of The Culture With Admire Kudita

The lockdown has been a time of introspection and indeed as the levels de-escalated, the feeling has been palpable that the world is a different place. So much carnage at the social, political, economic and cultural level. Much has been widely reported by the media about the cost to nation after nation of the COVID […]

AU Special Envoy speaks on the importance of Testing

By Strive Masiyiwa #Why we need Testing, Tracing, and Isolation: The leader of a small country in the Caribbean with about 100,000 people, wanted to make sure that his country did not get -19. Here is what he did: He closed the borders temporarily. Then he #tested every single citizen on the Island to find […]

OPINION: Govt Treatment Of Abductees Shocking And Inhumane

THE abduction and torture – including sexual violation, of three female fellow MDC Alliance activists sent chills down my spine. By Sandra Kudenga And the government’s response to it was even more damning to our cause as women in politics. That the custodians of our rights, as enshrined in our constitution, have moved to charge […]