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Munashe Chokodza

Journalist based in Harare

Hopely Residents Drink With The Dead

They say water is life but for residents in Hopely,  south of Harare it is a different story as they are made to wake up around 4 am braving the early morning darkness in search of the precious commodity from unimagined sources. With wells drying up from successive droughts in the past two years and […]

Four Foreign Nationals Arrested For Animal Trafficking

Two Congolese, one Zambian, one Malawian national were yesterday arrested by Zimbabwe National Parks officials after they were found trafficking 26 monkeys from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to South Africa without documentation. In an interview with 263Chat Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management spokesperson, Tinashe Farawo confirmed the case saying they are working on […]

New Kid In Zimdancehall

Upcoming Norton based Zimdancehall artist Fidel King claims the coronavirus induced lockdown has worked to the advantage of upcoming musicians. In an interview with 263Chat, the Ndasuwa Bhawa hitmaker said the lockdown was a blessing in disguise as more people now listen to his music. “The lockdown has worked to my advantage because I have […]

Reject Bond Notes: Tajamuka

Social movement Tajamuka/ Sesijikile has urged Zimbabweans to reject the use of Bond notes on the market as they have lost value due to rising prices of basic commodities.