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263Chat is a Zimbabwean media organisation focused on encouraging & participating in progressive national dialogue

Social Media Services

Social Media The digital revolution has highlighted a consumer shift in the way we shop and spend. Companies are now able to collect consumer data from a variety of sources and later use it to create better shopping experiences. The challenge is in understanding this information and what to do with it going forward. At […]

Convening Dialogue in Zimbabwe

When it comes to Zimbabwe, there are often misconceptions about the reality on the ground. 263Chat was created to encourage and participate in the much-needed dialogue focused solely on Zimbabwe. The use of the internet and the numerous social media tools available, are used to reach those abroad and within Zimbabwe in an effort to […]

About Our Founder

Nigel Mugamu is extremely passionate about technology and community-based initiatives. In September 2012, Nigel established @263Chat. The award-winning media company was presented with a Highway Africa Award in September 2013 – New Media Awards 2013 Innovative Use of Technology for Community Engagement. 263Chat also attempts to bring a diverse group of Zimbabweans together to crowd-source […]