Allan Chimbetu Revives Dendera Feel

FOR any true fan of the Dendera music, revolutionarised by the Chimbetu brothers led by Simon Chimbetu in the 1980s and elongated by the various protégés, Allan Chimbetu’s latest album Urgent Matters comes as a perfect reincarnation of the genre.

The last surviving of the elder Chimbetu brood, Allan announced a few weeks ago that he would be bouncing back into the showbiz industry with an album titled ‘Urgent Matter”, triggering the anticipation of Dendera music fans.

And he did not disappoint.

As the father figure ideally should, Allan’s album revives a genre lost over the past few years to the younger Chimbetus’ failure to resist the temptation add digital beats to the traditional Dendera sounds fans are accustomed to.

Allan’s latest offering, albeit after a prolonged sabbatical, has finally captured the true Dendera mood.

With Munya Viyali being the producer and Keith Furquerson doing mastering, the songs brought the Dendera feel many had missed.

Allan who is widely known as “The Proffessor” made sure that the messages resonate well with the day to day issues affecting people.

“Tiverengane” is a song that encourages people to work hard despite all the difficulties they are facing.

The year 2020 has for many not been a good year for as Covid-19 ravaged the world.

In the song Allan prays also for the children that were left by their parents in this difficult year.

He ends the song by encouraging people to be strong and vigilant in their life.

The musician pleads to God for an urgent intervention, asking the creator to be with him everywhere he goes and in all what he does on the title track “Urgent Matter”.

Guitarist Trust Samende added his input giving unique sounds to the songs.

Sorry is a touching song where a son begs his father he is his child, pleading to be part of his family. The son is not worried about his father’s wealth but he wants to be with his family.

Voice projection and the instrumentals makes the song more touching.

The musician brought fresh dimension to his music with a video “Ndisina Mari” that is treanding on social media.

Besides the message he gives to the wife encouraging her to be satisfied with what they are, the video gives listeners something new.

Choreographers left no stone unturned in bringing a fresh dimension to Dendera beats.

Other songs that are on the album include Kombe, Mudzimai, and Hello.

He features his brother’s son Suluman on song “Nhodzerai” and Mathias Mhere on the song “Nyasha Dzinesu”.

Social media has been awash with praises of the dendera giant.

Allan is grateful to a local company Fasfit Matlock that has been assisting him since the beginning of his career re launch.

“This is a welcome idea to have a company that stands with you all the way. I am grateful that they managed to be with me on the recording of this album, launch, and everything,” he added.

The company general manager Caroline Chizemo said they were grateful to the people of Zimbabwe for their support.

“We are happy that Allan’s album has well accepted by his fans. This is a milestone for him,” she said.

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