All Set For ‘Strictly Shower Power’ Concert

Acapella music lovers will be in for a treat on the 15th of December as seasoned gospel group, Shower Power invades Avondale’s 7 Arts Theatre for what has been dubbed an exclusive marathon of the group’s best songs.

The concert dubbed “Strictly Shower Power” will according to the organizers afford the group’s fans a glimpse into their 26 year journey in the music industry.

“After realizing rising concerns from acapella music lovers, particularly Shower Power’s, on a little over 10 songs that we perform during concerts that we feature our counterparts, we decided to host this “Strictly Shower Power” concert.

“The group has been around for a while and there was no way that we could perform all people’s favorites, time slots would not permit not to mention the disservice to our invited guest performers. Hence, a concert of this nature that aims to exhaust on all our fan’s favorite tracks,” said Promise Matope the group’s bassist and spokesperson.

He said they will perform most requested songs and the whole “God In His Mercy” album.

“Though we have up to six segments where we will perform most requested songs from our social media platforms we found it fair to perform all the tracks from Shower Power’s all time best album, God In His Mercy,” added Matope.

The group has already opened their Facebook platform to requests from their fans ahead of the Strictly Shower Power concert.

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