‘All 18 Gweru councillors fools, idiots’

Gweru City Council (GCC) Workers Committee Deputy Secretary General, Kudzai Zivurawa has labelled all the city’s 18 councillors as ‘fools and idiots’ as the marathon meetings between employee representatives and management seemingly fail to yield much fruit.

The fiery trade unionist, known for going ballistic even on the most petty of issues, also said the 15 MDC-T and 3 Zanu PF councillors were ‘uneducated, the reason council is in such misery.’

‘Blue Patch’ was addressing the workers at Townhouse last week on the May 19 2015 just before another meeting with management.

“Even if you go and bring your herdboy from your rural home, he can easily replace these fools and idiots, who would want to misinform you that they can fire us if we go on industrial action.

“Kana ndikati ngachitsve? (If I call for ‘war’?..)”chanted the deputy secretary general.

“Ngachitsve!!!!,” shouted back the workers

‘Kana ndikati ho-oooo? (If I call for a ceasefire?…..)

“Ihapana-hapana (We will stop),” chanted back the workers.

In the day, Zivurawa had said in the council was short of $97,000.00 to give everyone their money, but only $40,000.00 was needed as of the evening, spelling out light at the end of the tunnel.

“It is possible that we might get our money come Friday,” he assured.

Speaking earlier on, the cautious workers spokesperson Cornilia Selipiwe said the committee only was in a position to brief the workers Thursday morning since a meeting was set to iron out the ever arising differences.

Only parking marshals and cashiers were at work mid last week, as the workers decided there was need to continue collecting the much needed revenue.

Unconfirmed reports suggest council gets up to $20,000.00 in parking and clamping fees.

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