Vote People With Clean Corruption Record, Citizens Urged

An anti-corruption activist, Dumisani Mtombeni has urged citizens to elect people with clean record of corruption in the forthcoming elections, if the country to completely eradicate the cancerous vice that has stalled economic development in Zimbabwe.

Speaking a Transparency International Zimbabwe, (TIZ) meeting in Harare today, Mtombeni said citizens have power to vote for people with a clean record of corruption in the forthcoming elections.

“The elections are near, and people have power to change whatever they are crying for. People have power, so in the coming elections, please vote wisely for your re-presenters and chose people who will not steal from you,” he said.

Political activist and cleric, Evan Mawarire called on citizens to be active players who engage and respond to corruption and abuse of offices by public officials.

“Corruption is a diseases in which the whole nation is suffering from. If people really want to end corruption, it will be of use if citizens intervene with the active, engage and responsive approach because corruption can not be dealt with with laws only,” said Mawarire.

He challenged Zimbabweans to make it a habit to challenge everyone, including police officers who engage in corrupt activities.

Norton Member of Parliament, Themba Mliswa urged citizens to make use of social media to report corruption.

“Citizens should make use of social media. Legislatures have a duty to represent you but they need you to talk so that they will do their job,” said Mliswa.

According to Trade Economics, Zimbabwe scored 22 points out of 100 on the 2017 Corruption Perceptions Index reported by Transparency International. Corruption Index in Zimbabwe averaged 24.95 Points from 1998 until 2017, reaching an all time high of 42 Points in 1998 and a record low of 18 Points in 2008.

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