Biti Demands Trial Date

Former Finance Minister and Deputy National Chairperson of the MDC , Tendai Biti, has mounted pressure on the  National Prosecution Authority (NPA) to sat his trial date.

Biti, through his lawyer Aleck Muchadehama, insist that the state is taking long to provide him with a trial date.

The former Finance Minister is facing charges of inciting public violence.

Biti demanded to be freed or called if the state is ready.

Muchadehama queried with state, represented by Michael Reza, who had suggested a long remand, 5 November to furnish a trial date.

“The state must give a reason why it is giving such a long remand without giving a trial date.

“On the last remand it was said that the investigations are complete therefore I do not see any reason why it is taking long for the state to provide a trial date,” said Muchadehama.

However, Prosecutor Reza promised that on the next remand date, 17 October a trial date will be provided.

He also said that prosecution is the prerogative of Prosecutor General, who will give a trial date if satisfied.

Magistrate Elisha Singano, however, ruled that on the next remand the court should be ready with trial date.

“The state should make sure it is ready on the next remand date, arresting a person it means you ready for the case, if he was arrested he should be tried,” he said adding that if the state fails Biti will be freed and called back when state is ready.


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