Open Letter To Sha Sha

Dear Sha Sha, I write to you on behalf of that section, some people in your camp have chosen to label jealousy and ignorant to your success and career.

You have become the first Zimbabwean to bag a BET Award nomination, and as a patriot I have already placed my vote. Indeed you have raised the country’s flag higher.

Congratulations Makorokoto Amhlope!

However, it is sad to note that a majority of us (Zimbabweans) only got to know of your existence when you came  to us begging for votes.

I am sure you know that friend or relative who is always mute on you, only to make contact when in trouble? Yes! Some of us actually feel like you have taken an almost similar template from that.

It is not ignorance that we did not know of you before this. Instead, it exposes you and the market you prefer ahead of us.

It should never be us hunting for you and your music. It just feels like you released your project and invested resources in a market that you felt would reward you better while neglecting Zimbabwe which you now desperately hope to harvest votes from.

It feels like we have never been your preferred market, hence your emergence at the most critical time- when you needed votes.

Don’t think it’s hate when some people demand answers on why they should vote for someone they do not know.

Have you asked yourself why is it that we know Buffalo Souljah and Nadia Nakai fellow Zimbabweans based in South Africa like you?

Well we asked ourselves the same question.

Not that we are owed credit for her achievements but once upon a time we had Tinashe (American singer) speaking of how Zimbabwean she is before hitting the limelight, but once she popped she disowned us. Now tell me the level of paranoia we would have for an artist who introduces herself to the rest of us as Zimbabwean at a time they need our votes?

Let it be a lesson for you and your fellow foreign based artists that “charity begins at home.” You got to identify with us or else “tinoku buka.” We need to see you active in our music circles, we need to see you with our Jah Prayzahs, Winky Ds, Tamy Moyos and the Browns.

I’m telling you because these people can be psycho about things sometimes. At one point Orlando Pirates felt at home in Babourfields Stadium while playing FC Platinum – Google that one you may understand what I mean.

Nonetheless, all the best, bring that gong home!!!!!!

Yours truly
Patriotic Zimbabwean

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