Govt Warns Greener Pasture Seekers

Following recent false reports that an international hotel was recruiting medical personnel for employment services, Government has warned members of public not to fall into traps of criminal syndicates disguising as employment agents.

In a statement, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Constance Chemwayi dismissed claims that Canadian based Marriott International Hotel and Resorts was recruiting medical staff.

“Following reports in the local media suggesting that Marriott International Hotels and Resorts in Canada was recruiting medical personnel, due diligence and verifications have been conducted and the ministry of Foreign affairs and International trade wishes to advise members of the public that Marriott International Hotels and Resorts have never been involved in the recruitment of medical staff.

“The Ministry further advises that some individuals suspected to be human traffickers are disguising themselves as owners of Marriott Hotels and resorts and unbeknown to the victims, are floating job advertisements under the name of Marriott Hotels,” said Chemwayi

The syndicates Chemwayi said are demanding exorbitant fees for documentation and visa processing with unsuspecting individuals receiving jobs without interviews.

“Members of the public are warned that these criminal syndicates are demanding four hundred United States dollars as documentation and visa processing fee. Individuals who respond to the advertisements usually receive job offers without any interviews two (2) hours after making payments. This is done through social media platforms, including WhatsApp.

“The Ministry is therefore urging members of the public to be alert to human trafficking activities disguised as job recruitments. Members of the public are being encouraged to check with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international Trade and our embassies abroad to verify the authenticity of any such suspicious job offers.” she said.

Desperate Zimbabweans have fallen victim to this profitable venture for criminals who exploit people by either kidnapping them or lure them for employment.

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