China Based Artist Use Mbira Music To Market Zimbabwe

Afro-jazz and pop singer, Brity Yonly says she has been marketing the brand Zimbabwe in China and the world using mbira music, a feat which has seen her representing the country in several musical festivals globally.

Brity recently released a single called Vachabaiwa, which she says is based on the situations experiences she faces daily.

“In this life some people are always monitoring our lives, tracking our movements, looking for faults and ways to bring us down. However, God is always on our side, showing us the right way and raising us in front of our enemies,” she told 263Chat from her base in China.

The 27-year-old, Marondera bred musician, who draws inspiration from the late Mbira music legend, Chiwoniso Maraire, says her comfort lies in the fact that her mbira music has found takers around the world and this has enabled her to promote the country.

“The international market is appreciating my music, they fell in love with our African Mbira Music, which is a great stride for me. I am so proud to be representing my country here in Asia and the world at large,” said Brity.

She further stated that her new release, which is accompanied by a culturally diverse video, is a true testimony that music knows no colour, or creed hence embraces different cultures.

“The importance of cultural diversity inspired me to fuse both Zimbabwean and Asian themes. I do believe that music does not have boundaries, it encompasses all tribes, religions and bridges all barriers. Music speaks one voice, music unites and heals people despite our differences,” she noted.

Brity added that mbira music is still relevant and the instrument is gaining more attention and relevance locally and internationally because of its rich African taste.

“It brings out the African, particularly Zimbabwean identity no matter where we go. It’s good to see many youngsters of today acknowledging and appreciating our Mbira instrument,” she said.

However, the coming of the COVID-19 pandemic has halted Brity’s progress as she has stopped going on tours and doing shows.

“COVID-19 affected my music through the cancellation of gigs and tours scheduled for this year worldwide. I was supposed to record an album as well this year but we are now postponing it to next year. Moreso, we were planning to launch the MuFoGwO (Music For Girls and Women Festival) first edition in December this year, but we are now shifting it to next year due to COVID 19,” she noted.

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