Zim Health Care System At Its Weakest: Madzorera

Former Health minister during the 2009-2013 Government of National Unity (GNU), Dr Henry Madzorera has raised concern over the country’s health delivery system which he said is ill equipped to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Madzorera made the claims during a human rights analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic in Zimbabwe report launch hosted by the  Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZIMRIGHTS) today.

He accused the government of doing nothing to achieve the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) with Zimbabweans still paying for health services at the point of access.

“The failure to conclude the Universal Health Coverage Plan drafted in 2009, which was meant to subsist until 2013 worsened the country’s unpreparedness to deal with the coronavirus pandemic,” said Dr Madzorera.

He added, “Denial worsens the impact of the pandemic. Government should disseminate information of the disease, where cases are so citizens can act on it. Government is now trying to give awareness.”

The Report, “Rights in Crisis” captures the story of COVID-19 from its genesis in Wuhan Province in China, its journey into Zimbabwe and the devastating effect on livelihoods and trans-formative impact on the way we work, live and learn. Combining community voices, victim testimonies and expert input, the report analyses the country’s COVID 19 response, the state of preparedness and looks into the future with a number of suggestions meant to ensure that Zimbabwe emerges from the crisis better than it entered and that the voices of communities be prioritized.

COVID-19 has put the world in an unprecedented situation demanding a shift in the way people operate. However, in trying to curb the spread of the thriller diseases , World Health Organization (WHO) has issued technical guidance to states and provided public advice on a raft of measures and effectively responding to active cases.


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