Zhuwao Reinforces Chamisa’s Call For Practical Solutions

Former Public Service minister Patrick Zhuwao has come out in support of opposition MDC leader Nelson Chamisa’s plea for practical solution to Zimbabwean crisis saying it resonates with the late former President Robert Mugabe’s last words before his resignation in November 2017

Commenting on Chamisa’s tweet welcoming South Africa and SADC’s mediation in Zimbabwe and his plea for a specific practical solution to set up a donor fund to address the crisis in Zimbabwe’s health sector, Zhuwao said that Chamisa has a commitment to practical action like those shared by his uncle and former president, Mugabe.

“Exactly two years ago to this day, on 19th November 2017, President Robert Mugabe finished his very last address to Zimbabwe and the world with the words “Iwe neni tine basa. Asante sana”. I wish to echo President Mugabe’s words and say “Asante sana”, thank you very much to you for convening the Zimbabwe Symposium and committing to practical action

“Your commitment to practical action is in line with President Mugabe’s exhortation of “Iwe neni tine basa”. That statement is literally translated in two ways to mean “you and I have a responsibility” and to mean “you and I are valuable”. I have always understood this liberation struggle exhortation as a combination of both meanings that calls everyone to action by emphasizing our responsibility and value; a responsibility and value that is both individual and collective,” wrote Zhuwao.

Zhuwao said Chamisa has a correct diagnosis to the major problems in Zimbabwe.

“As an individual that has always been on the opposite side of the political divide from Advocate Chamisa, I am duty bound and obligated to demonstrate practical action by joining myself to Advocate Chamisa’s pleas for a “practical solution” to Zimbabwe’s current health crisis,” he said.

Zimbabwe economic crisis has escalated since August last year with prices of basic commodities going up by over 500 percent while other necessities such as fuel, bread and flour have become scarce owing to foreign currency shortages.

South Africa, Zimbabwe’s leading trade partner which has accomodated millions of economic refugees has recently called for dialogue between the two main protagonists President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Chamisa to end the political and economic crisis.

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