Mutodi At It Again, Fires Salvo At Striking Doctors

Controversial Deputy Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Dr Energy Mutodi, who is well known for causing stirs on social media struck again this afternoon firing warning shots to striking doctors that once they are fired, they will not have a chance to be employed again.

Doctors from government hospitals have not been reporting to work for more than two months now citing incapacitation, poor working conditions as well as inadequate tools and medicine at hospitals,  putting the country’s health sector into jeopardy.

The Deputy Minister wrote on his Twitter that if the doctors continue with their strike they will be fired and there will not be any chance of them getting another employment opportunity in the sector.

“Striking doctors can be rest assured that once dismissed there will be no re-hiring. No one is above the law no-matter the profession & if the court says go back to work you must comply. Gvt will also blacklist the money mongering doctors so they are not employable elsewhere,” wrote Mutodi.

Mutodi has on numerous occasions used Twitter to castigate people who criticize the government, with his latest outburst being his conclusion that abduction stories were fake.

In 2018, vice President Constantino Chiwenga once fired all the striking nurses at all hospitals in the country, only to make a u-turn after President Emmerson Mnangagwa intervened upon realizing how bad the situation had become in hospitals with people losing lives at an alarming rate.

Meanwhile, the call for doctors to return to work has continued to fall on deaf ears as they vowed to continue with their 100 days strike until their grievances are addressed.

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