MDC Castigates Gvt Over Sideshows While Economy Burns

The opposition Movement  for Democratic Change (MDC) has castigated the Zanu PF administration for failing the country by concentrating on protecting its power base while ignoring the collapsing economy.

The remarks came after the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) announced that it recovered 256 police helmets at a basement office in the central business district yesterday.

The MDC has since issued a statement saying armed police had besieged and sealed off their party headquarters, in what they said is clearly a choreographed attempt to clamp-down on the movement.

“For the record, the MDC is a peaceful and non-violent political movement with a Constitution that clearly stipulates the peaceful manner in which the party will always prosecute its democratic struggle,” wrote Luke Tamborinyoka, the MDC’s deputy spokesperson.

Tamborinyoka accused the Zanu PF administration of always fingering the MDC whenever they want.

“A few months ago, the police purported to have discovered catapults and stones again near the MDC headquarters. Today’s attempt is the second attempt in the past few months to link the people’s peaceful movement with a primitive, barbaric and Stone Age political script that involves stones, bricks and catapults,” he said.

Tamborinyoka accused the ruling party of being clueless and spending time focusing on petty issues while the economy is burning.

“The illegitimate regime is getting desperate and all these are frantic attempts to ban and proscribe legitimate political activity; just as they have done with peaceful demonstrations.  For the record, we are a peaceful, law-abiding political party that poses no danger to human life.

“Instead of clamping down on prices, a deteriorating economy, unemployment and power and fuel shortages, the ED regime has seen it prudent to clamp down on a legitimate political party going about its business,” further noted Tamborinyoka.

Meanwhile, 12 people have been arrested so far in connection with the recovered 256 helmets.

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