5 things we learnt in the EPL this Week

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What a weekend. Ok so first things first, I have been gone a while. i choose to blame by boss who is slave driving my ass. Apparently his philosophy is “Pressure flows from from the top to the bottom” Me being at the bottom means I am pretty much F***d. If you know my boss, dont show him this LMAO!!!
So it was same old Arsenal, City found their savior is Jesus, Liverpool made sure Arsenal didn’t walk alone, and UTD are still in 6th place!!!
1. Almost every Arsenal fan saw this coming. A hammering at Stamford bridge. It was 3-1, but it felt more like 6 or 7, such was Chelsea’s dominance. Sanchez thought he was playing by himself, giving every pass to a Chelsea player, and pretty much forgetting that he had 9 other team mates besides Ozil to pass too. Wenger again showed he has no clue and should pretty much GTFO!!! It shocking there is 2 year contract on the table. While the problems at Arsenal run deeper than Wenger, Most Gunner fans are tired of the same old shit. Expect a lot of #WengerOut in the coming weeks. And oh its Bayern Midweek. Arsenal out of competitions in the space of week. Tell me if you’ve seen this movie before.
2. Chelsea will be champions. It was a huge performance and huge reminder to their London rivals that their are still “little boys”. So Wenger tried to sign Kante twice. FFS, Really?? Xhaka is a bad player but Kante has changed Chelsea from a mid table team to a championship side. The gulf in class tactics and execution was huge. Chelsea just KNEW they would win, and they knew exactly HOW they would do it. Conte is f*****g genius. And if he gets his way and get reinforcements in the summer, he will be next to unbeatable next season. Barring a spectacular collapse (NOT GONNA HAPPPEN) Chelsea will be champions.
3. Jesus, lord and savior of City. Boy is dynamite. Those dribbling skills, tactical awareness and he is only like 19 or 20. City are going to go on a run now. They will cement their place in the top 4 for sure. Liverpool and Sp*rs are known for collapsing so I tip one or both to fall out of the top 4 race. Still I think City is a bit short on the type of player Pep wants so they may struggle here and there but top 4 is a certainty.
4. Liverpool did their best Arsenal impression and lost 2-0 to Hull City. Who is this new coach Hull have? Liverpool were always threatening, but Hull soaked up pressure and basically did a smash and grab. Sadio Mane, after being flown in via pvt jet ( u know u a player when this happens lol) juked and jived but couldn’t produce the goods for Liverpool. I llike Liverpool but you get the feeling they have no plan B. Klopp is like a Wenger Lite. If his way of football doesn’t work there is not much tactically he will do to change the game. Title hopes gone for the Reds.
5. I won’t really talk about UTD until they get their asses off 6th place. LOL!!! I will talk about that Lukaku boy though, who hit 4 goals. He looks a man ready for the big leagues now. The way he took his goals showed an experience and composure only seasoned strikers show. Everton will struggle to keep him next summer. he will for sure score 20+. #Elite
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