CIO Is Watching Your Every Move, Chinomona Warns Party Members


ZANU PF Secretary for Women’s League Marble Chinomona has warned party members that Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) were on high alert and ready to spy on those holding meetings with ousted G40 members.

Speaking during the Women’s league National Assembly meeting ahead of the party’s National Conference scheduled for Esigodini next week, Chinomona said the party through the CIO, was aware of secret meetings being held in hotels with expelled Zanu PF members.

“We understand that there are some people who are holding meeting in hotels with some G40 members. We all know what G40 had done to the party but you are busy conniving with them. That is uncalled for.

“We have the CIO that was set up by President Mnangagwa and they are among us. If they catch you on the wrong side, you are in trouble, be warned,” threatened Chinomona.

She warned that all party members who are engaged in unclear moves will face the consequences.

This follows widespread reports of widening cracks within the ruling party with some party members suspected of conniving with the former G40 members.

There has been scramble within the party to endorse Mnangagwa for the 2023 elections, despite him having served just four months of his current reign.

Reports have also emerged that Mnangagwa and his powerful deputy Constantino Chiwenga are fighting from different corners, marking the return of factionalism in the ruling party.

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