Komichi Demands V11 Forms

MDC national Chairperson Morgen Komichi’s trial which was set to kickstart today failed to proceed after he demanded state papers including V11 forms as part of his defence.

Komichi’s lawyer, Obey Shava pleaded with Harare Magistrate Elisha Singano to give the state an order to furnish them with the papers need to prepare their defence case.


In his application, Shava said that they want minutes of the meeting held at Rainbow Towers Hotel in Harare by all political election agents and the then acting Chief Executive officers of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.

Also that they want to be furnished with v11 forms which ZEC used to announce 2018 election results in the nine constituencies which the accused person is linked to.

“We want all these to prepare our defence case because last time on the 3rd of October when the trial was supposed to commence, state did not give us papers in time but rather give us a minute before the court sits and they were not enough,” said Shava.

However, Michael Reza who is representing the state said he is opposed to the application claiming that he had furnished all papers needed and also that the V11 forms are not relevant to the trial of this case.

He then said that the state is ready anytime for trial and have all witnesses in place including a Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation employee, Phineas Gutu.

Komichi is being accused of interrupting the electoral process after he told local and international media that he had not appended his signature, on behalf of the main opposition alliance, to the July 30 presidential election results.

The matter was rolled over to 1 November for an application ruling.


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