No Reforms, No Elections: Chamisa

Movement for Democratic Change leader, Nelson Chamisa has challenged President Emmerson Mnangagwa to honour his pledge to deliver a free and fair elections saying his party will not take part in a process that does not pass the test of credibility.

Briefing the press after touring Harare hospital yesterday, Chamisa said his party has been asking for electoral reforms and an audit of the BVR process without success.

Chamisa said his party will make sure elections are not held without electoral reforms.

“We are not going to have business as usual where ZANU PF rig elections, we will not boycott elections but will simply make sure that election will never happen without being credible, free and fair.

“Mnangagwa is saying things that he is not going to offer, therefore we have said that there is not going to be any election if they do not audit the BVR and that there should be someone to print ballot paper not them,” said Chamisa accusing President Mnangagwa and the ruling party of wanting to nicodemusly print ballot paper in a bid to rig elections.

Chamisa said there is no need for Mnangagwa to blame former president for the economic problems Zimbabwe went through for the past 18 years as he was Mugabe’s right hand man.

“Mugabe’s 37 years of rule is also part of Mnangagwa’s 37 years of ruling because he was the side kick of Mugabe, with power to control everything. So if they are admitting that Mugabe failed, and they were part of, let them surrender and we come in to help,” said Chamisa.

The visit came following report of medical practitioners who have downed tools.

Chamisa blamed the government for being reluctant and not prioritizing important issues in the country.

“How can a proper government say that they are open for business while it is not open for the health of people? The biggest business in the country is the business of life,” he said.

He also promised that once his party assumes office in the forthcoming elections, they will prioritize the health and well-being of all citizens.

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