Poet Launches 15-Track Album

As a way of keeping the poetry industry alive, Norton-based poet, Takudzwa Chikepe, has launched his third,15 track,poetry album.

By Solomon Chizikani

Chikepe, who defines poetry as a state of mind that slides over life situations in the comfort of peace and love, also said he is an institution of knowledge blessed with the gift of poetry, music and publishing.

“My album carries 15 poems that connect people to the spiritual world,” he told 263Chat.

“I am an institution of knowledge,” he said. “It will be a surprise if anything comes to overtake the above mentioned elements, although anything can come and fit in these elements like what sociology and literature are doing.”

Significantly, Chikepe promotes his works through social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp in this digitalisation era.

“Social media provides artists with opportunities to promote their creative works without hassles. Accordingly, I am embracing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to market my poetry,” he said.

Chikepe started writing poems in 2006 when he was a high school student at Nyatsime College.

To date, he claimed to have written between 500 to 1 000 poems and have five unpublished books.

Interestingly, Chikepe said he can do anything be it artistic drawing and most of his concepts are from his poetry writing skills.


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