Opinion: Of Hypocrisy And Foolishness


Only a foolish father leaves his children starving while generously providing for the next door neighbour’s children.

By Patson Dzamara 

Not only was I shocked upon learning that Mugabe donated US$1 million to the AU, I was outraged!  I tried to search for reason in that despicable act but I could not locate it. To call it a gigantic act of irresponsibility is an understatement, it was actually evil.

How on earth a President of a country that is perennially lurching from one crisis to another and teetering on the verge of a precipice would find it noble to do such a deplorable thing is crass ineptitude! It’s either one of two realities here; either Mugabe and his minions take us for fools, or we are indeed fools!

This very generous ‘donor’ from a small struggling country he has run down called Zimbabwe, is presiding over failures of epic proportions. His country is ranked among the poorest countries in the world. Despite being the most literate country in Africa, the unemployment rate is hovering above 90%. Most graduates in his country are jobless. His government even fails to pay civil servants on time, some going for months without an income to feed their starving families. 90% of roads in his country are obsolete. Zimbabwe does not even have a currency of its own!

Hobbling under a plethora of such challenges, for this ‘donor’ to donate US$1 million to AU is not only wrong but CRIMINAL! It is a crime against suffering Zimbabweans most of whom have been forced by poverty into the most undignified situations, vending anything, including their bodies.

As to why the AU accepted such an abominable gift from this ‘donor’?? It baffles me.

Talk of hypocrisy and foolishness! The earlier we realize that we have entrusted our destinies as a people in the hands of heartless devils the better. That brood of serpents does not at all care about us!

We must act decisively in order to redeem ourselves from their ugly hands. We must quickly divorce our lounged back posture enmeshed in meaningless bickering. Elections are around the corner. We must work overtime to mobilise voters and to prepare them to defend their vote through the democratic processes provided for in the constitution.

A new and better Zimbabwe is possible in our lifetime. We shall come face to face with it.

Patson Dzamara is a leadership coach and author, political activist, and analyst based in Zimbabwe.

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