Zim’s fashion designer to showcase in SA

Zimbabwean Fashion Designer, Taf the Taylor will be showcasing in July at the South African Menswear Week SS16/17 in Cape Town.

South African Menswear Week (SAMW) is Africa’s only stand-alone platform dedicated to the development and promotion of menswear within the African continent.  Taking place twice a year in Cape Town, South Africa, SAMW aims to provide a world-class platform for menswear designers and brands to showcase their latest collections.

Tafadzwa Moyo, best known in the Fashion and Design world as Taf the Taylor started his career path in 2005. He enrolled at Danhiko Project, a clothing institute, where he pursued a 4 year Diploma in Industrial Clothing Design and Construction.

The name Taf the Taylor came about as a result of Tafadzwa, making shirts for his friends, during his early days in the fashion industry.

“I was clueless of how to thread a sewing machine and could not event stitch a single line for my life, but passion drove me to enrol into a formal institute. When I started, I kicked off my career by making clothes for my friends who insisted on calling me Taf the Taylor. Initially spelt as Tailor, I decided to custom make the Taylor so as to make it sound and look cooler, or rather urban”, said Taf The Taylor

In his third year of study, Tafadzwa joined Bernstein Clothing for half a year as part of his internship and he finished his last half a year at Faithwear, the biggest fashion brand in Zimbabwe. Joining Faithwear was one of his best fashion moves, as the brand was one of the best labels everyone wanted to own and wear.

“Being part of the design team at Faithwear was such a big deal for me that even after graduating; all i wanted was to be a part of the same team again. It was a ground breaking moment for me, which I treasure up to date”, exclaimed Taf The Taylor

After graduating from Danhiko, Tafadzwa was offered a full time job with Faithwear where he worked as a junior designer for 2 years and then got elevated to head designer in 2010 until 2013. He later decided to venture into his own business as a clothing manufacture in a bid to raise capital to fund his own clothing label, KIDD HUNTA, a dream he always had.

“I never take any opportunity that comes my way for granted. Showcasing again at the South African Menswear Week SS16/17 , alongside many talented African Designers and another fellow Zimbabwean – Ara Kani, is really humbling. I have showcased before at the event, but everytime, it is a challenge to up my game and stay relevant all the time”, expressed Taf the Taylor.

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