ZIMRA Distances Self From Confiscated Goods Donated At Zanu PF Rallies

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) has distanced itself from the contentious issue of confiscated foodstuffs and clothing that are reportedly being donated at First Lady, Grace Mugabe Zanu PF rallies.

Speaking to journalists during a media workshop in Harare on Wednesday, Director of Legal and Corporate Services, Florence Jambwa said ZIMRA only collect revenue as well as keeping confiscated goods for a specific period before surrendering them to the state.

“Our job as the revenue authority, we only collect goods for those who might fail to pay their taxes and not meet the demands.

“So if the date which is set to keep those goods expires, we then surrender them to the state, after that we then do not know what the state does with the goods,” said Jambwa.

Recently in Buhera, the First Lady, Grace Mugabe stunned the nation when she revealed that she get goods that are confiscated at border posts to donate to people at her meet the people rallies.

“There are people who feel threatened when we come down here to meet the people, they have been writing letters everywhere so that we do not get anything including confiscated items from the borders,” said Grace at the Zanu PF Buhera rally last month.

At the same rally, Grace distributed 20 000 soaps, 50 tonnes of second hand clothing, 20 000 pairs of shoes, 20 000 litres of cooking oil and 10 000 kgs of washing powder among other things donated to Zanu PF supporters who attended her rally.

She has also in the past donated countless number of shoes and clothing, goods which are reportedly confiscated at the country’s borders.

However, ZIMRA acting Commissioner General, Happias Kuzvinzwa who spoke on the same event condemned corruption especially within authorities urging people to report and help in the campaign of eradicating corruption in the country.


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