Zimbabwe Under Economic Surge

Though this may not be a secret to political figures, the ordinary people of Zimbabwe that are being affected the most by this economic recession, shortage of money, money parallel markets and the increased interest rates, exuberated swipe charges, and high levels of corruption deserve to be enlightened on the root cause of it all.

After suffering myself from the cash crisis dilemma, I came to realize that the forces of demand and supply for the Zimbabwean economy were being manipulated by an external force that is not visible to the public (Adam Smith referred this as the “invisible hand”.) Generally when the invisible hand is in motion, we should not be worried as it is expected to help keep things at the equilibrium however when it looks as if it’s being propelled by imperial forces, it becomes a call for concern especially when we are headed for elections. Ladies and Gentlemen L have reasons to believe our economy is being manipulated to foster some kind of agenda and no one can really tell what it’s all about.

As an economic student, the introduction of bonded notes didn’t go well with my understanding of its implication to the economy and how the money market operates however the end result l expected came to pass. I expected the introduction of Bonds to swallow up US$ in the economy, but what l didn’t expect was to see the Bonds also swallowed up in the process. It is imperative that we get to the root cause of such a problem, is it that the so called invisible hand is buying our Bonds for stocking to cripple the economy? Is it possible that the analysis we made in the initial stage was unrealistic and that the Bonds have ZERO effect to the cash crisis? Have we failed to manage our economy? Who is to blame for this predicament? Who should be fired? What is the root cause of this crisis? As ordinary Zimbabweans we not only need answers but we need solutions. How can we be standing in a queue for money we earned? How can we be encouraged to use plastic money when the charges are so high? Who is profiteering from the public demise? How can a nation with a borrowed currency be strangling? Who or what is the problem? In my proposed solutions but not all l will be blunt: – if we are to encourage the plastic movement and do it successfully the government needs to look into the following

  • Reduce the interests charged on swiping or better still remove and subsidies (1cent swipe charge for all)
  • 2) Deal with the econet corrupt agents and others; they are killing the banking sector: – vote of no confidence is leading to people keeping money under the pillow.
  • 3) National audited of amount circulating in the informal sector: – formulate strategies to encourage formalization
  • 4) Open up a platform that the public service providers in the banking sector, ministers, councilors, members of parliament can be accountable to the public, especially in the banking sector:- Preferably a reality show on National TV that is hosted by me, to progress we need the truth, facts and undisputable realities of life should be mapped on the table.

If we are to surely deal with the problems at hand, drastic measures have to be taken, the days are gone when people do things, make mistakes, act corruptly and blame it on the Presidency, when the western imperialism manipulates the economy and makes us believe it’s our governance. It’s time we dig deep and fight the fight from the core not from assumptions. Zimbabwe is being crippled from the core and no one is doing nothing about it, These service providers needs to revisit there strategic plans, this is a necessary evil if people of Zimbabwe are to stop being duped by these non-patriotic parasites.

Zimbabweans need to be enlightened to understand the economy and fight the new war, the economic war which was initiated in 1980 when our grandfathers won the independence for us. They fought the liberation strangle we fight the economic strangle now. Caridade V Ryan


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