Water woes hit Gweru

Gweru entered the second day without water on Friday, with thoughtful fast-food outlets relying on water drawn earlier in large poly-vinyl containers.

However residents from high density suburbs like Mkoba, Senga, Mtapa, Mambo, and Ascot were hit the hardest, as they have no other alternative water sources like boreholes and wells.

Council could not provide water in bowsers, and Mkoba 14 residents joked that they should have voted for businessman Edgar Ncube as independent councillor during the previous elections.

Ncube, better known as ‘Giant’ thanks to his stature, provided them with water in a bowser towards the harmonised 2013 plebiscite, and only stopped when he lost to an MDC-T candidate.

263Chat sought to understand the reason behind the dry taps.

“There was a burnt power cable at Gwenoro Dam. The problem is being attended to by ZESA, and we are not pumping,” informed Assistant Town Clerk Tapiwa Marerwa, who is responsible for Gweru City Council public relations.

ZESA (Southern Region) General Manager, King Fazo Dube said he was not aware of the problem, and asked for time to find out from his staff when normal water supplies can be restored after repairs were made.

Marketing Officer Edward Nyoni who normally has such information on his fingertips was said to be away on other work commitments.

Mkoba resident Tawe Nyoni was not amused by the water woes.

“The entire water system needs replacement. We do not want to end up like Harare ine mvura into smeller,” he complained.

Prince Shayanowako from Mambo had no kind words for Gweru Mayor Councillor Hamutendi Kombayi.

“At first I was not happy when (MDC-T President Morgan) Tsvangirai wanted to impose a mayor (Cllr Charles Chikozho) on us. Guess he was right,” fumed Shayanowako.

Marerwa hinted that supplies were expected to return to normal around 6pm.

Said Marerwa: “ZESA might finish repairs in the afternoon, and we need some time to pump the water to all places in the city.”

Meanwhile away from the serious side of the potential health hazard, other Gweru residents are exchanging memes and pictures on social networks depicting themselves washing their hands and brushing teeth using beer in the stead of water.

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