Video:’Mugabe is just like Smith’

Fired Zanu PF youth leader Godfrey Tsenengamu has linked President Mugabe to former Rhodesian Prime Minster Ian Smith.

In a damning speech Tsenengamu who is the former  Zanu PF  youth Chairperson for  Mashonaland Central Province said Ian smith was divorced from the reality just like president Mugabe who he said now only listens to his wife.

“Ian smith stood for the minority as he then represented the interests of a small clique which included political vultures and opportunists surviving on the blood, sweat and tears of the poor and toiling masses.

“Ian smith was brutal and would deal ruthlessly with any opponents, captured freedom fighters and the unarmed general citizenry.

“Ian smith used the police and their dogs against the masses though he had no water cannons then to use on unarmed and harmless citizens.

“Ian smith was divorced from reality and so is Mr. Mugabe who Is out of touch with reality as he now listens to none but his dear wife and the security-men are scared to tell him the truth for fear of reprisals and now just tell him that which he wants to hear,” he said.

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