Traditional leader, villagers bemoan moral decadence

A Chiweshe based traditional leader has bemoaned the high levels of immorality among youths which he said have been partly responsible for the country’s misfortunes.

Chief Makopa of Mazowe Shangure area blamed the youths for the mishaps that the country is facing. He said the untold behavior being exhibited by most youths is uncalled for and angers the spirit mediums and God.

“It is disheartening to see how the youths of today misbehave and do things that are highly immoral. “There are high levels of moral rot both in urban and rural areas.

“If you take a walk around towns, you will realize that what is being done by the youths is akin to the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. We therefore cannot expect any meaningful rains or and progress with such uncalled for acts. We are going nowhere with the current crop of youth at our disposal, they are a disgrace,” angrily declared Chief Makopa.

The traditional leader said he is saddened by the number of cases that he receives at his traditional court on a daily basis.

“Every day I have to preside over cases where youths engage immoral acts.

“What is even more concerning is that I’m now presiding over cases of homosexuality which was unheard of during our time, I have received two cases of homosexuality so far this year.

“Even the bible condemns homosexuals but our youths are engaging in it, what has really gone wrong?” queried Chief Makopa.

However, the traditional leader said he is well known to be a disciplinary par-excellency as he claims to have fairly settled  of the cases brought before him.

“I’m well known to be someone who is very strict. Most of these youths are afraid of me

“If I see a girl wearing skimpy outfits, I will get her arrested because I do not allow that in my area,” Chief Makopa declared.

Meanwhile, elders in the Chiweshe area of Bare have also castigated the behavior being exhibited by the youths with some calling it a taboo.

They said the youths have lost their cultural values and in the process lost direction on how to be better persons.

Said Ambuya Muchabaiwa, a herbalist, “long ago we used to know that only the youths in urban areas would misbehave, but these days the trend has been adopted by the rural youths. We fear that their future is doomed due to this  growing trend,”

Another senior citizen identified as Ambuya Muropa said the new change in behavior is being perpetuated by the western culture being adopted by most youths.

“What is happening is that youths are watching too much television where they watch a lot of stuff that is no in tandem with our culture. They watch Westernized material on television and they tend to want to replicate,”

Sekuru Matika however, said the elders are also to blame for the behavior in youths.

He said it is the duty of the Tete and Sekuru to counsel and give them guidelines.

“What is happening is that our families have disintegrated, so we have no one to talk to these youngsters and give them the right advice on how to behave. Once we resort back to the system where our children are given enough advice then we will see a change in behavior,” said Sekuru Matika.

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