Self-Development, a Critical Part to Fulfilled Life

Greatness Perspective with Liberty Mwariwangu Sr.

Some years ago, my mother told me one funny story of a wealthy minister who died. His attorney asked all the relatives near and far to gather around so they would hear if they were included in the bequests. The hour finally arrived and the house was packed with people and their silence was deafening as they waited in anticipation.

Moments later the lawyer arrived and somberly opened the will and began by clearing his throat before he could read the contents: “To my Brother Richard I leave my Real Estate business, to my son Kyle I leave my ten million dollar bank account and finally to my cousin Rio who always sat around and never did anything but wanted to be remembered in my will, I want to say, ‘Hi Rio.’”

Because of the fear of the unknown and lack of believing in oneself, like Rio some people would rather dare to do nothing. Their mental capacities are preoccupied with “what if I fail” illusions. They underestimate their ability to achieve anything at the same time giving too much credit to failure. This freezes their sense of daring, in the end relegating them to purposelessness – a realm infested with displeasure and gloom of self pity with no resolve to challenge these odds.

They never start on anything worth leaving their names to, not because they don’t have the strength or the inner will-power. They posses those qualities but the deficiency is found in their misappropriating those inner virtues. Such folks must stir their ship with positivity as they learn to magnify their ability to dream and achieve, at the same time starving the odious mental preoccupation of leaning towards failure.

In one of his timeless books, famous author Denis Whitley said of personal development, “it is the conviction that there is value in your dreams.” He continues “It is the belief that you are worth the effort, time and energy needed to develop yourself.” Once this inner conviction settles in one’s soul, it inspires restlessness by stirring discomfort in the heart of a dreamer. It gives the dreamer permission to develop self as it drives them into the corridors where action is rampant.

It is within these corridors that Greatness is sired and potential earns commercial value for the one possessing it. It is a zone of pleasure, prosperity and answers as the ancient, richest king of old thundered; “A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes merry: but money answers all things.”

Capitalise on that permission to develop self through utilising the resources around you. Court folks with an unyielding desire to learn, this is critical to self-development. Inspiration is contagious and we get it by association. Inspiration is a loft and precious treasure that cannot be associated with prisoners of self-pity held up in the dungeons of hopelessness. The famous biblical adage goes: “The lesser is blessed by the greater.”

Inspiration is a higher law and it is next to impossible getting it from a demoralized lot, to them it is as scarce as finding a river that flows uphill. The best a demoralized person can do is learning from insanely inspired people.

That way they break past the containment of this acid enemy.

Speaking of acquiring a bumper-yield from personal efforts, you must re-guard your dream as a female figure that cannot conceive unless a sperm is deposited into the womb. This perspective will drive you to collaborate with people who can contribute positively in your life. Their positive input should be invaluable and should be constantly deemed important. You need their inspiration and motivation every step of the way. Motivation is like breathing, you need it always to function well. Collaborate well with partners and mentors to build your dream garden. Great Zimbabwe wasn’t built in a day and it wasn’t built by a single person. It took the effort and creativity of various accomplished architectural experts to erect such a high towering monument in history.

The next step will be committing to act on your dream. However the temptation of going for a chunk bigger than your mouth or throat may cause chocking, thereby it is wisdom to break your dream into realistic, workable and achievable set missions. This way the adversities of a meager life can pronounce their bon-voyages as you set sail into the deep waters of meaning and achievement.

Liberty Mwariwangu Sr. is an Author, Columnist, Transformational-Motivational speaker, Consultant, Purpose expert and Senior pastor with Spirit Culture Churches Worldwide a non-denominational movement headquartered in Harare Zimbabwe. He is the founder of the Global Success Institute; an institution targeted at developing and enabling young people to make impact in their various spheres of influence so they can dominate in life. He makes appearances on television and radio speaking on purpose and motivation for a profitable and fulfilling life. He can be reached at +263774357394 or

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