Samba girls geared up for Harare International Carnival

The Brazilian Samba Girls have promised fireworks ahead of their performance at the Samba night and Carnival Street Party on Friday and Saturday respectively.

The 15 member group of Samba girls who arrived in the country on Wednesday afternoon said they are geared to leave a lasting impression adding that they will do whatever it takes to impress the fun loving Zimbabweans.

Speaking to 263Chat, an unnamed member of the Samba girls promised fireworks saying her group will do whatever it takes to impress Zimbabweans who already expect a thrilling performance from the Brazilians.

“Us as Samba Girls we have Zimbabwe at heart and we are going to perform wholeheartedly to impress whoever is going to attend the samba night.

“We are a team of 15 and we are going to impress more than what other Samba Girls did last year here in Zimbabwe through our spectacular costumes, choreography and stage presence.

“We hope to enjoy our visit in Zimbabwe and we encourage many people to come and attend this year’s Carnival,” she said.

She added that they have an obligation to behave well for them to be invited again in 2018.

“We promise to be good girls as you can see we are properly dressed and that’s what we are going to do unless we are performing, that’s when you can see our backs and thighs through our costumes,” she said.

As part of the exchange of cultural programmes, the samba girls have came to Zimbabwe to show case their cultural dances and summer dressing as well as entertaining carnival fans on Friday and Saturday.

The Samba girls attracted a lot of attention when they first came to Zimbabwe during the 2015 Harare International Carnival. Their performance during the street party became the flagship of the whole festival and Zimbabweans are expecting a lot from their participation at this year’s carnival.

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