Publicize Accurate Information On Family Planning, Media Urged

Mass media has a huge responsibility to educate the public on anything, therefore should make sure they publicize accurate information, seasoned journalist, Ish Mafundikwa has said.

Speaking at a media sensitization workshop in Kadoma, last week, Mafundikwa who is the UNFPA Communications Officer said journalists not to mislead people when reporting, adding that people need to know the truth and not be misled.

“Lots of people take what they hear, see and read as the gospel of truth. Family planning narrative is characterized by myths and truths which need to be unfolded.

 “Media is crucial in disseminating accurate information about family planning, journalists should arm themselves with tools to inform the public that they make informed decisions,” said Mafundikwa.

He went on to say that family planning will curb unintended pregnancies, unsafe abortions and reduce maternal mortality, therefore the media should take it upon themselves to learn more about the subject so that they are able to relay correct information.

“Journalists should acquaint themselves with family planning policy, with why people use contraceptives and media should leave personal prejudices out of reporting and deal with facts,’’ said Mafundikwa as this will strengthen their argument on family planning.

 “Listen to those voices against family planning so that you can address their concerns in reporting,” added  Mafundikwa.

Speaking on that same occasion, Lovejoy Gamba, UNFPA Training Officer called on society to use family planning methods saying the total risks of birth control are much less than the risks of an unwanted pregnancy.

“Not only women benefit from family planning but children, couples and community, unintended pregnancies and unsafe abortions will be averted if used consistently and accurately, maternal deaths will also be averted.”

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